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Gay couple say they were refused a double room in a London hotel

A gay couple from Manchester have claimed that they were refused a double room at the Thistle City Barbican hotel in London, and that there were treated "in a homophobic way".

Nick Hurley and his boyfriend Gavin Maclean had booked the double room online for Saturday night.

He claims that the receptionist repeatedly asked him whether they didn't really require two single beds instead.

"He insisted on repeating that question," Mr Hurley told the BBC. "I felt it was a way of him imposing his own stamp on the situation. I got a barbed vibe."

In the end the couple settled for a family room with separate beds, as the receptionist said that all the hotel's double rooms had been taken.

A spokesman for the hotel chain has said that there had been an error in their online booking system, which meant that on the couple's arrival there were no double rooms available.

He said that Thistle Hotels does not tolerate homophobic behaviour and promised that they would investigate the matter of the receptionist's alleged homophobia.

The hotel has offered the couple two free nights anywhere in the country as an apology.


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