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Gays can't bring up children, says Cabinet minister

Welsh secretary David Jones has said that gay people cannot provide a "warm and safe environment" for bringing up children.

Speaking about gay marriage on Thursday's Face to Face programme on ITV, the Conservative MP for Clwyd West said: "I regard marriage as an institution that has developed over many centuries, essentially for the provision of a warm and safe environment for the upbringing of children, which is clearly something that two same-sex partners can't do."

Jones, who voted against the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill on Tuesday, insisted that he was not homophobic and that he had friends who were gay.

Kate Green, the shadow equalities minister, called Jones's remarks "hugely insulting, offensive and wrong," while shadow Welsh secretary, Owen Smith, said this his remarks were proof that the "nasty party is alive and well under David Cameron."

Owen went on to say that the Welsh secretary's comment were proof that the Tories were out of touch with modern Britain, and that the Prime Minister's claim to have changed his party were "like so many of his promises, just empty words".

"David Jones's comments are profoundly offensive and he should apologise immediately," he said.

In a statement addressing the criticisms, Jones said that he strongly approved of committed same-sex relationships and civil partnerships, and that he also believed that same-sex partners should be able to adopt children.

"I simply sought to point out that, since same-sex partners could not biologically procreate children, the institution of marriage was one that, in my opinion, should be reserved to opposite sex partners," he said.


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